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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Margot Robbie: First NUDE Pic From TWOWS

courtesy of Rudie

The perfection that is Margot Robbie in
The Wolf of Wall Street

via Anonymous:

Full-Frontal Clip [CAM-copy]:

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UPDATED 01/07/2014

Thanks to a brave soul, one of my newest blog contributor and a friend who recorded this clip in a theater in Europe. It's dubbed in local language. The Vimeo version is edited to show only the juicy scenes. I uploaded the proper clip to Depositfiles.
* A friendly reminder. Enjoy the video BUT please don't follow my Vimeo account or tag the "Likes" button. It will attract the attention of Vimeo guys. They will delete the vid and my account. 

UPDATED 01/08/2014

UPDATED 01/09/2014

With Margot grabbing all the plaudits, it was 37-years old Slovenian actress Katarina Cas who ends up showing more than intended (nice view of landing strip as one friend remarked) in her first ever nude scene. We're going to see a whole lot more of Katarina in HD release : )

UPDATED 01/10/2014

VisitorQ Review:

Finally watched Wolf of Wall Street and oh boy, what a great film to open the movie season of 2014. WOWS is amazing...truly amazing movie. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a film in cinema. A fantastic entertainment with an outstanding performance by Leo and the rest of cast. I truly think it's one of Scorsese best movies! 

And now on to the main topic: Nudity. There is lots of naked women throughout the movie. A little shame most of them are just one-scene-nude-girls and all happens in a very fast montage of different shots. However I hope either Zither (dAs) or Zorg will put them in their nudity post when the movie's blu-ray comes out. The best unnamed girls were at the yacht party. 

But of course the main nudity is from two girls - Katarina and Margot. Katarina has a great body and shows it off in splendid full frontal - definitely without a merkin - scene. Margot with her killer curves. I'm 100% sure she doesn't wear a merkin in her (too short!) full frontal scene. I think she practiced with Marty how to set and stand to show everything in just a fraction of a second. 

Next, Leo and Margot have sex. Quick views of her breasts and later quick look at her one breast as they do it on pile of cash. Unfortunately that's all from Margot. I think she may have had one more naked sex scene. Leo fucks a girl in reverse cowgirl position and it could be Margot but I'm not sure cuz it was a really brief scene. Shame the only view of her wonderful ass is when she's in strings. 

Margot is sexy as hell in every scene featuring her but there was also plenty of opportunities to show more skin. For example in limo when Leo blows cocaine from her breasts, he could have pulled down her dress : ) At the end when they have sex, Margot should been naked too. I'm really wonder how the first 4-hours cut of WOWS looks like. What was this scene that Margot was quite happy Marty cut from the final version. 

There were also two ladies in the movie that caught my attention. First one is Cristin Milioti who plays Leo first wife (maybe in first cut there was some sex scene between them?). And the second one is Aya Cash who played Leo assistant Janet. She's just (a very) supporting character and fully dressed in every scene she was in but damn there was something really sexy and hot about her. The whole movie I was praying for at least some bikini or clothes sex scene. But I will definitely have my eye on her : )


  1. Wow, she's stunning. Can't wait to see more of her.

  2. Brilliant work Rudie...she has a great pair of titties.Looking forward to more caps & more importantly some footage.Cheers

  3. There is a video of her full frontal on Instagram


  5. holly shit, thank you anonymous and random instagram guy

  6. anyone know if we will ever get the full 4 four uncut version, maybe blu ray directors cut in a few months?.

  7. I hate to being "that guy" but I have to say, sorry guys, I'm totally underwhelmed. They sure look like implants to me. Small implants but implants none-the-less. Am I wrong? And if they're real, well, they're not really impressive. I applaud her for going nude, and for showing us her landing strip (if that's what it dark and such bad cam quality I'm not really sure. And then, it is likely a merkin), but really, I don't get what you guys are so excited about.

    1. Pretty sure they're real. As the movie is set in late 80's and early 90's, casting requirement for Naomi beside the nudity would have included natural breasts and no tattoos. They rarely cast actresses with fake tits in a major role requiring outright nudity. Aussie girls are blessed with uniquely shaped boobs. Even Jessica Marais freakishly looking tits are apparently real : |

    2. I know you're the expert but are you serious? They rarely case actresses with fake tits in a major role requiring nudity?????? That's absurd on its face. I don't have time to research it but that's clearly not the case, I see a lot more fake tits than real ones in film. And implants were aplenty back when this movie took place. Furthermore, I've seen obvious fakes on period pieces from before they were invented. Besides, if Margot's are fake, they are small enough so they aren't obvious.

      You may be right, I probably need to see a better quality vid. Maybe they're just not my type. For a smaller-breasted woman with absolutely perfect, awesome breasts, I'd go with Lizzy Caplan.

    3. Man, if you can't appreciate that woman's nakedness I feel so sorry for you. Your life must be soooooooooo unexciting.

    4. Rob, when they put out a notice, some requirement is set in stone depending on the character itself. Natural breasts (or pair that looks real) are preferred when the movie is set in certain period. If the character is an ingenue. In call-backs, body checks are done on the final candidates to determine everything is 'in order'.

      Of course, the particular actress can lie about her breasts on the paper and Q-and-A. It doesn't really matter if they appeared natural on-cam.

      (Hopefully someone from the agency will either confirm or refute the typical casting run-in. They usually comment under anonymous tag)

      I was lambasted for claiming Jess Marais tits were fake. According to a source, they are real. The protruding shape of the boobs made it look unreal.

      Casting requirement for flicks set in certain decade and period are pretty strict. Anything set in previous century will almost have "Natural/Real Breasts" as part of the spec.

      Take a look at the lists on the left. How many of the actresses you can legitimately claim have gone on the operating table?

      I'm not saying they won't cast actress with plastic tits. It isn't an issue if it was a minor secondary role with few lines (for example Nadine Velazquez in Flight), non-speaking parts (strippers, hookers, etc), age requirement is above 35 and is a MILF-y type of role.
      If the actor is highly-rated (Olivia Wilde) in some rare instances. Even then the nudity is usually sacrificed (becomes implied) if the writer wanted Olivia all along.

      I'm struggling to recall seeing any obvious fake tits on a lead in movie/TV-shows this year. To be fair, I'm not an expert on tits to gauge if they were real or fake. I love 'em all including the cute mosquito bites and the plastic ones if it's done the right way.

    5. Are you saying that Margot had to audition nude in order to get the role? I'd be surprised if that were the case. If she had more obvious fake ones, they wouldn't have given her the part? I've always wondered about that. I've seen some pretty unattractive naked bodies in movies so I never thought that except in rare cases they actually asked for a nude audition (or a "body check" as you call it--exactly how do they do that?)

      I don't see a lot of starring roles doing nudity these days. Most of the nakedness is in minor characters. It seems like the leads always refuse to take their clothes off.

      As for lead actresses with obvious fake tits, Demi Moore comes to mind in the past, although when she started out she was real.

      I do find this topic fascinating, and if you have some inside information on what happens being the scenes when nudity is required, I'd love to read about it.

      Note to Annony--if you think Margot's chest is awesome, enjoy! My taste in bosoms has nothing to do with how exciting or unexciting my life is. To me, her breasts are small and look fake--not my thing.

      That said, in watching the clip again, DiCaprio looks like Spock in the new Star Trek series, so maybe I'll like her ta-ta's more when a see a better quality clip.

    6. As previously stated, body checks are often required if the role calls for outright nudity and sexual situations. If the particular movie/TV-show is shot on-location and you don't want any nasty surprises later on when the chosen actor gets naked and unsightly tats covers much of his/her back!

      Details (statistics) and photos/polaroid (Not Confirmed) - just like a model portfolio - are initially provided once the actor plans to/start auditioning in a role requiring frontal nudity. Yes or No tick box - so to speak - to real/natural breasts. Must hasten to add it differs from one casting to another.

      I been told (and I shouldn't be surprised but still) the actresses are far more confident and comfortable during body checks than when they are in actual shoot. Probably because of male presence on the latter.

      This is how it nominally goes in some body checks:
      She enters a private room, wearing a robe. There's the casting director, her assistant (also female), the director and sometimes one or at most two other producers. The actress is informed to step into the corner. The CD tells the actress to remove the robe but leave just her bottoms on. She will be asked to stand facing all 4 directions while a camera scans her body top to bottom. Any scars or tattoos are zoomed in on. When the actress faces the wall with her back to the camera, she is asked to lower her bottoms (even if wearing a thong) in order to show full butt.
      Some actresses who may not even want to do the role ultimately have wanted to go through the casting process and go through the body check just for the experience. Some even choose to go fully nude, but they're not asked to.

      In movies, yes to lead actress reluctance to show their lady bits. But not so in cable world. Especially for the past couple of years. The premium cablers (particularly the ones with clout like HBO) have become stricter in enforcing nudity across the board. Hopefully in few more years, full-frontal will be a strict requirement (male/female) with no exception (no more merkin nonsense).
      If only our socialistic-like moral guardians FCC finally butts out, relaxes the anti nudity/sex policy=censorship and let networks apply their own guidelines.

    7. Fascinating stuff, Roger, thanks. One thing I'm unclear the scenario you describe, does only the camera see the actress when she drops her robe, or can the casting director, director, etc see her naked too? Is the casting director always female (you kind of imply that)?

      I always wonder about period pieces....not for the real or fake breasts as much as for the pubes if it is a full frontal. You can't have a landing strip (or less) if the movie takes place in 1955. Do they check that too? Do they put it in the contract that the actress must show up to the set with a full bush? Ha ha. I guess these days virtually every strand of pubic hair you see is actually a merkin, so it doesn't much matter.

      Regarding those body checks, do they do it for really big stars that have never done nudity before but are really big "gets"?? I'm thinking of Scarlett Johansson in that upcoming movie where she supposedly is naked (I'll believe it when I see it). Did she have to go thru a body check as you describe? Or did they just say, "It's Scarlett Bleeping Johansson, there's no way we we're rejecting her."

      I have to say that I find information/discussions like this--as well as actresses talking doing the nude scenes (and deciding to do them), sometimes more interesting the nude scenes themselves.

      Thanks again and Happy New Year.

    8. Sorry for the late reply.

      As I described, the folks in the room are there to literally see if the actress was right for the role in every aspect : )
      Nowadays the best and suitable CD's and CA's are of distaff kind. Check out the CD's for premium cable shows - via IMDB - with plenty of T-and-A requirement.
      There are guys CD but if there is nudity requirement for the female role, the women (CA) usually handed the task for the final rounds of auditions, call-backs, etc.

      True. The actresses are reluctant to grow it out so merkin is the obvious choice
      (Laura Haddock's FF with bush could be the real deal).
      Landing strip, bald is considered okay if it's a fantasy (Charlotte Hope in GOT).

      I think I posted it somewhere on the blog. You probably aware of those Scarlett leaked nude photos? It's likely I'm getting my timeline all wrong. It's a theory at best. Those pics were taken by her as part of her 'self' auditions for the lead role in UTS. Jonathan Glazer (the director) must have envisioned Scarlett after he read the initial script. Contacted her rep, sent over the script and probably wasn't confident she will say yes despite his cultish reputation thanks to Sexy Beast and Birth.
      I'm not sure the percentage involved but (North) American girls loves to get naked for foreign directors. Perhaps the artsy notion attached to them while the US filmmakers are creepy lot interested only in T-and-A.
      Scarlett joining the project was perhaps the best thing that happened to the movie.
      To answer your question regarding big stars. No. The writers and directors chase after the star if the script lead character matches the particular actor. Same if it's the other way around. Sandra Bullock loved the script and interested in producing and acting in the adaptation. Do you think the writer going to object or argue artistic integrity if she requested the removal of some racy scenes and replace it with PG implied sex scenes?

      Count me in as part of the small group. I love all the details and interview from the time she was cast to the nude scene itself. Case in point: Alexandra Daddario. Now if only she does a damn interview.........:)

      Happy New Year, Rob. Have a great and meaningful year.

    9. This is indeed a very entertaining discussion.

      Roger, you seemed hopeful that nudity will become more common throughout the years. However, there's been one thing disturbing me this last year: CGI nudity!
      We've seen it happen with Alba in "Machete" and more explicitly with Mann in "Forty"

      How can we trust that soon, very soon, the nudity we will be seeing will be real?

    10. I wrote about the bane of CGI couple of times. They are already being used to remove skin blemishes from butt, legs, etc in nude scenes. To darken a scene if there is too much skin on view.
      Showtime are the main culprits. Paula Marshall, Yvonne in Dexter and (yet to be confirmed) Maggie Grace backside.
      We can protest by not watching flicks with CGI manipulation but once they perfected the art of skin/body parts transposing with a fake one, how are we going to spot the difference?

    11. So indeed we are doomed...

    12. They do not look real. The deciding factor is the shape not the size. They are certainly well proportioned but the fullness and roundness on the top is identical to that at the bottom. I'd say fake.

    13. Ok well tell ya what pull out a picture or 2 of your GF/GFs thats better than her and we will be happy too listen too your opinion, til STFU. Maybe the vid is grainey, but in real life she is smoking hot

  8. Having watched Margot for years as she grew up playing the role of Donna in neighbours I can safely say that these are her own natural, fantastic titties.

  9. Ehh, shes got s great body but I prefer my gfs much bigger boobs. Also the way her hips and bottom appears she may be wearing a skin colored panties of some king. There were other full frontals in the movie and they had a little hair. Making me think she had a little coverage there. Regardless her accent was terrible and character boring piece of meat. If she doesnt fizzle out after a few mire movies I still doubt shell become a big name.

  10. who the eff is this guy ^^ get real man, she was the hottest girl ever

  11. what about when they show her butt in the very beginning? anyone got a link to that?

    1. in my opinion she is shaved...

  12. yes, I agree that she is either fully shaved or a very tiny landing strip. Obviously no merkin needed. We probably won't know the answer to shaved vs. landing strip until we get the blue ray and can do some brightness/contrast adjustments. What a fucking tremendous debut for nudity from a gal that vowed to "never do nudity", ever. 2014 for me is Alex DD and Scarlett as far as nudity dodgers finally unveiling their physical talents. And Roger, what is your predicted top 5 best nudity debuts in 14? Thanks man for the best blog, one of the few I read daily. Like PB, not just for the nude pics, but also the articles!

    1. Apologies for the late reply. Thank you so much for your support though I don't think I deserve it : )

      My prediction for Nudity Crown and Nude Debut of 2014 will be a battle between two big titted New Yorkers - Scarlett and Alex DD. Most folks will go for these two. If Mary Elizabeth Winstead decides to enter the Nudity Hall of Fame via Faults (full-frontal) or Quarry (she shot the pilot but since dropped out possibly due to the nudity requirement. She was likely okay with minor nudity in the pilot. It's just a guess. Not yet confirmed). Hannah New & Clare Paget of Black Sails could surprise. My mind is blank right now. 2014 going to be a shocker of a year - in a good way. I'm positive we going to see plenty of unexpected nudecomers. News of nudity dodgers signing up for roles requiring one. Alex TM co-star Tania Raymonde long overdue meeting with nudity could materialize this year. She isn't doing so well career-wise. Could opt for a premium cable series the way Emmy Rossum did, to rejuvenate her career.

    2. I'm really wary of ScarJo's supposed nude scenes. I read a description of them somewhere--it might have been right on this blog--and it seemed like every scene started with the notation, "in a dark scene...." or something like that. I wonder if we really will get a good look at the goods. If we do, she will win nude scene of the year by acclamation based on how big a star she is, whether she "deserves' it or not.

      Frankly, I wouldn't expect to see anything more impressive than Alex DD (which is a perfectly awesome way to identify her, since it's her name AND her bra size). WOW. I have to admit I never heard of her before seeing those vidcaps, but what an introduction.

      In answer to the inevitable question, "Why did you decide to do nudity, Alex?" I would expect her response to be, "If you had these tits, why would you ever cover them up?"

      Seriously, I'm pretty sure if she was topless all the time, it would end poverty and bring world peace.

    3. LOL. That answer, my friend will go down as the best response to a nudity-related question by a mainstream actress (outside of porn). Alex going to read all the comments at IMDB, fan-forums…she will either be horrified and goes into hiding (travel for a while. Is she still filming BTA?) or…I just don’t know how she’s going to react. To para quote Sound Of Music: “The Internet is winning with the sight of Alex’s tits”

      For me personally, it’s the shock factor that adds value to the nude scene more than the boobies. Don’t get me wrong, there are THE integral part of a nude scene and Alex will be there, forever immortalized as among the best boobs of all time in showbiz. The thing with Alex is her lack of recognition prior to her nude scene. ScarJo and to a certain extent, MEW are both more popular than Alex. I don’t think MEW is packing more than a minus B-cups but the shock factor will push her into the top three. You said it yourself, Rob. You never seen or heard of Alex before the stunning intro. I once wrote about Alex as I-don’t-know-who-is-that-girl-but-I-want-to-her-see-naked type of actress. A work colleague saw her on a Law & Order episode and wanted to know everything about her the next day. He wanted to know who this blue-eyed angel is. And the inevitable “She did nudity before, right Rog?” He wasn’t the only one with similar inquiries especially after Percy Jackson capitulated her to cult status among the teenies.

      I was skeptical as well about ScarJo nudity at first but when Mr. Skin, Recapped and reviewers confirmed she shows her breasts with darkish full-frontal, you gotta believe them. Of course, they tend to exaggerate from time to time. But trust them when they said she displayed the goodies (with nips)

    4. Rob, I forgot to give credit to VisitorQ - one of my blog contributors - who conferred the nickname of Alex DD on the blue-eyed babe.

  13. what is the password to the vimeo

  14. WOW the entire debacle Crazy how Margot stands out in a orgy

  15. someone please explain why this boring, overly tanned, titless, jaime pressly, is attractive?

  16. Screeners are available online to watch the whole film in decent quality now.