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Friday, December 13, 2013

Shailene Woodley: Disappointing Nude Debut

super disappointing nude debut by purty Shailene Woodley the flower child in The Spectacular Now (2013)

I want to punch James Ponsoldt in the balls. Talented dude but one big pussy when it comes to shooting nude/love scenes. He actually thought he was protecting Shailene when he went all out to make her comfortable. Shailene was likely confused at first but decided to play along with the director own conservatism manifesting as an excuse to 'safeguard the actress from exploitation'. After all, she been advised by her reps to tone it down. They feared the lanky lass hippie ways could derail their plans to make her into a box-office star. It didn't stop Shailene from accepting a starring role and performing 'mild nudity' (in her own words) in Gregg Araki's White Bird in a Blizzard (2014).

Shailene is cut from the same cloth as Lili Simmons. Utterly comfortable in own skin and parents basically nonchalant about nudity as long as their daughter was happy and successful at what she does. Some even pushed their kid to audition for roles requiring nudity!Wonder how James going to react watching Shailene topless scenes in WBIAB at Sundance. He would be taken aback, sensing Shailene was actually responding to his own prudishness rather than other way around. 

To make it worse for James if Mary Elizabeth Winstead gets naked for the first time in 2014. Kate and Charlie 'sex scene' in Smashed would been so memorable if it was filmed as written in the script. It's a rare opportunity to show the effects of alcoholism has on sex life. A naked MEW riding an inebriated hubby...sigh. However MEW talked to James @ on-set discussion about the segment. It was an easy task. The notion of filming a nude scene never crossed James's mind at all.
If this was old-school director, he would have had known that MEW was desperate to stamp her mark in indie world. "Desperate" is the key word here. He would have urged, cajoled and negotiated a nude scene with unobstructed look at MEW bee-stings and tight bottom. 

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