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Thursday, December 12, 2013

TRUE DETECTIVE: Nudity in First 3 Episodes

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "True Detective: Put 'Em Down Long Lead Tease (HBO)...
HBO updated episodes. Nudity in the first three episodes.
Hallelujah! I'm jumping the gun, baby and I don't care. I can feel it in my diabetic bones amid the naked female corpse, strippers and Lili Simmons, Alex DD will go topless. My guess is we'll see her tits in couple of episodes. One is from the teaser (she sure likes to be on the top) and in following episode when she and Woody are in post-coital position with clear view of her breasts. I'm certain my man Cary F at the helm won't let us down.


  1. Just like I was saying. "Adult Content, Adult Language" is just the default content advisory... Bit by bit the news gets more promising... This will either be the greatest nudity in some time or the greatest disappointment.

    1. It would be greatest if Cary convinced Alex to bare her boobs for more than a minute view, booty shot and miracle of miracles, full frontal thrown in for good measure.
      Somehow Alex in all her lucidity and nudity dodging ways probably made sure everything is kept to tasteful level.

      Reminded what Diora Baird once said in a podcast interview with Riki Lindhome.
      She was okay with nudity provided it was in line with the context of the scene. But the major issue was that the size of her tits always becomes the focal point of the particular segment. Diora wasn't sure showing her boobs even for briefest for moments in The Wedding Crashers made the scene funnier or just an unnecessary distraction.

      Diora is really aware in what she brings as an actress with big titties. Check out the interview. Very entertaining (almost sugar-daddied by Ben Stein! The reasons for her refusal to do nude scenes in movies):