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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Alexandra Daddario's Full-Frontal Confirmation

thanks to Anonymous tipster heads-up

A gratifying news and confirmation to ring in the New Year with a nudity blast. It's a sweet surprise. Looking back at Alex DD career, it shouldn't be. I've stated the likely reasons that led Alex to nudeland but how I wish I could secure a special interview with the bosomy blue-eyed babe. Besides the obvious questions revolving around the nude scene, I want to know what the hell happened on Percy Jackson set that pushed Alex to audition for role of Lisa? 

Alex DD really exploded in popularity in last two, three years. Much of it is due to Percy and to lesser extent Texas Chainsaw 3D. However, we also shouldn't make light of her relentless world tour-like promotion of the flicks. Made her visible and accessible; garnering new fans along the way. I had guys from Italy, France, even Thailand and Australia inquiring about Alex after she appeared on a red-carpet event or plugging Percy on the telly. She is a show-stopper, all right. It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 75. Time stops if you happened to catch a sight of Alex in one of her many TV-guest stints. Sadly for Alex, it has nothing to do with her acting but more with her physical appearance. You want those blue-eyes stare right at the cam (and at you). Hoping for clear view of her perfect boobs. A full shot of her (and booty).

I'd first become acquainted with Czech-Italian looker back in 2007 through her small bit in The Babysitters. Coincidentally, she rode a guy in the flick as well. Saw her guesting in couple of TV-shows. Alex won't probably admit it but it was wretched few years career-wise before Percy Jackson came along. Yet for a perv like me, it was Bereavement (2010) that fully exposed me to Alex boobs as the cam lovingly captures Alex on her many, almost endless run around the small farming town. Her magnificent mams was the winner in a leaden paced movie with a serial killer straight from handbook of clichéd psychos. Bereavement - made back in 2007 - was released to capitalize on Alex's Percy Jackson mini success.

Acting aside, Alex must suck at auditions because her streak of minor roles and guest appearance continued unabated. Her refusal to get naked could been a barrier during this period until she walked into that TD casting room and won them over with her expressive eyes and world-class boobs. Harsh as it may sound, TD offers Alex the last chance to show the world she is an actress first and a fantasy figure a distant second; hold her own against the likes of Woody and others. But it's going to be tough. Her nude scene will be the sole talking point not only in Daddario's household and among uninformed friends/peers but around the world. For all the guys, gals, reviewers and folks on the high horse professing love for the potentially over hyped TD, suspect script and the two boys in the lead, there is Alex and her nude debut concealed rather poorly in the context of discussion. As we approach the premiere date and during TD run, expect more Alex tit-bits reminders from the main reviewers.

Is it any wonder HBO latest teasers feature Lili Simmons rather than Alex? I bet my house that Alex segment in the initial teasers scored higher than any other scenes. TD producers while welcoming the attention (any publicity is good publicity) prefers the main focus to be on the two leads. I'm still hoping for Alex TD-related interview just before the first airing. Besides Woody and Matthew, HBO would likely rope in Alex (if she signed up for it) to go on promotion blitz via talk shows/press meet. Michelle Monaghan probably still too fragile for a plug tour.

What's next for Alex? She said something - in her latest interview - about testing or already snagged a part in some TV/movie project she wasn't allowed to talk about. I won't be too worried. She is no one-hit wonder in nudity department. I'm optimistic we'll see more of Alex in the buff. HBO/Cinemax will be hoping to cast Alex in their upcoming original content, seeing that she has no problem going fully naked. 

I was carping earlier in 2013 about lack of nudity by American girls and only full-frontal can elevate them ahead of the Brits, Australians and other foreign talents. It's amazing how fast things can change in a split moment. We can also credit love (Rosario Dawson) and desperation (Ivana Milicevic) for playing a huge part in some of the girls going all the way.

Mentioning Ivana brings me to Banshee Season 2 and the delightful (real) topless debut by Trieste Kelly Dunn. She and Ivana was the initial sole reason I became interested in Banshee when they announced the cast members until my old source e-mailed me with a wonderful news: "There are going to cast a teen actress and she's going to be all kinds of naked". I miss that guy. Two pervs in a pod. 

Trieste was somewhat overshadowed by Lili and Ivana in S1. To her relief, her nudity was optioned to S2 and she dutifully did her part as stipulated in the contract. If anything, Trieste is a total pro and prepared to go the distance for the craft. A January baby just like me, Trieste will be celebrating her 33rd. birthday few days after Banshee S2 premiere. A competent performer who came to prominence in a bone chilling performance as Gloria Kulhane in a superb episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Her feral eyes and pouty lips added so much to the cold emotionless role. She was apparently well-regarded for her appearance in short-lived Canterbury's Law which I'm not familiar with. Similarly to Alex, Trieste went through a lean and you can say unproductive few years slogging away on TV-flicks. 

She carve a small spot for herself in indie world at start of this decade. It's a personally rewarding experience for Trieste to work in the genre but at the end of the day, she was in her thirties and financial stability=regular work becomes equally important. Thus she needed to sacrifice her promise never to appear naked on-cam for long-term career sustenance. When she was told by her rep that she snagged the role of Deputy Siobhan, Trieste shared the news first with her mom and loved ones. Even better, the series will shoot in NC - her home state. She can be close to her family.   

Trieste also informed her mom about the nudity requirement. She would be naked and bare as on the day she was born. Mom was confused at first. Her baby is in a porn flick? Trieste struggled to explain but she finally convinced her mom it was not porn. It's an action series and she was one of the leading characters. It will boost her career prospects in the long run. All the same, her mom won't be subscribing to Cinemax anytime soon. The Dunn matriarch had one nugget of advice for her daughter: "Make sure you don't show your sweet darlings to strangers when the day comes". 

(The fictional tale would be so much sweeter if I can verify Trieste was a Mormon)

For Trieste, that meant getting super friendly with every key player behind the camera. Trieste is well-liked and is considered to be one of the guys. So on the day of her first nude shoot, it was rather awkward with Trieste buck naked in the bed pretend playing with herself. The camera rolls and the guy behind it tries hard not to stare. Trieste glanced at him while in midst of solo-mast. A memory comes unbidden: 
She's having lunch with him and his partner few months ago.
Get to know date. He was smart, only spoke when spoken to. She felt more like a daughter trying hard to impress her dad than an actress kissing up to a BTS crew. 
As he gazed through the lens, Trieste felt his eyes on her and it turns her on. She was becoming really wet down there. It shocked her. Before she can react, the familiar roar of CUT vibrated through the closed set, someone clapping. Greg the show runner and the director came into her view. Smiling and applauding her. A D.A rushed in with her robe. Greg grabbed it from her, assisted Trieste in getting up and into the robe. Hugged her for a moment. Kissing her on the cheek. Greek-style. Trieste was still in a daze. Greg was saying something to her. It took her a while to comprehend he was congratulating her. So proud of her fearlessness. 

Trieste has a complicated relationship with Greg. At least on her side. He was a mentor of sorts. If there was any trouble during the shoot or something she doesn't like in the script, Greg the first person she turns to. He was gracious enough to allow her nudity optioned to S2. Trieste won't admit this to anyone but she was sexually attracted to Greg. To his effortless masculinity and deep soul penetrating eyes. But he has eyes only for his wife and newborn baby at the moment. But Trieste wasn't worried. She has seen so many unlikely hook-ups on the set including on Banshee that she feel confident she would soon taste Greg's greg.

There is nothing from Lili in first four, five episodes of BANSHEE but she could stun her fans with a full-frontal fiesta in second half of the season. I won't be too hopeful considering Lili actually put on weight (in the right places) as opposed to losing few pounds to look good naked.


Notable nudecomers in first three months of the year includes women of BLACK SAILS. Hannah New could emerge as one of the candidates for top nude debuts of 2014. Clara Paget all dirtied up in pirate costume, hiding a fine English bod. The less said of Jessica Parker Kennedy, the better for me lest I would start stroking myself. Babelicious is the word to describe JPK. Be warned though: She did mentioned about using her long hair to cover the nips. Possible full-frontal by South African actress Louise Barnes. Other nudes are performed by South African models.
Please keep in mind STARZ don't have the same clout (to extract full-frontal without merkin for example), the standing HBO acquired over the years. You can see it in the casting. It's going to be a make or break year for the cablers. BS needs to be a clear winner among the pile, rise above other debuting series and importantly with strong word of mouth - new subscribers.

Always fingers are crossed for Allison Williams butt-cheek to make an appearance on HBO' GIRLS. Hints of nipple will be a bonus. Nudity from usual suspect=Lena. Zosia Mamet probably game for quick T-and-A. Noteworthy guest stars includes Gaby Hoffman, Natalie Morales and Felicity Jones who's been sending mixed signals via recent interviews. Is it one episode cameo? Or are we in for a pleasant surprise? Everyone wants to be on the show but no one wants do a Lena. If there is nothing at all from Allison, time for Lena and her co-scribe to find a way to write her out. But it's not going to happen anytime soon with Judd sudden love for gentiles. The f*cker needs a kick in the balls. He has this knack for casting nudity dodgers of irritating kind.

Praying Laura Vandervoort's BITTEN and Discovery's KLONDIKE with Conor Leslie airs uncut on European broadcast.  Booty shot of Laura (with BD a real possibility) is just not good enough. After her non-stop moaning about the nudity she had to do, we can only hope Laura's wasn't BS'ing about it out of shyness and lack of knowledge of what true nudity entails. The latter is unlikely. She has auditioned long enough in L.A to know the difference between partial (ass/side-boobs without nips) and full nudity. 

Showtime HOUSE OF LIES disappoints in first few episodes with nary a view of T-and-A according to advisories. Guesties/recurring roles in shape of Lauren Lapkus, Genevieve Angelson and recently-divorced Eliza Coupe playing Don's love interest. SHAMELESS and Emmy Rossum. No complaints here. Some nudity from guest stars.

EPISODES is not known for nudity but with Tracy Spiridakos (of Revolution fame) guesting as a family member of actress Morning Randolph, holy crap moment if she goes topless even for brief seconds. No nudity in first four episodes.

I was informed there is some nudity in FLEMING: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND. Have to wait and see. Key players: nudity dodger Annabelle Wallis and Lara Pulver.

Isn't it time for Kate Mara to give it up for real in HOUSE OF CARDS? My dick will slant towards Rachel Brosnahan as well. Me likey some Irish boobs. Need to remind you guys it's unlikely Netflix loosen their nudity guidelines. As much as I want to pin the blame on them for S1 nudity debacle, it was mostly down to newbie
Beau Willimon allowing too much leeway for Mara and even fledgling like Brosnahan to discuss their way out of nudity. Yes, it can be argued the gratititous part of it would have robbed some of the prestigeness HOC quickly developed. Some discerning fans would claimed it was gimmicky and cheapens the show. Anyways, veteran EP David Manson was hired soon after S1 finale to be the co-show runner. It's entirely possible one or two producers didn't like the way Willimon was running the show. We have to wait and see if David wrought some changes required in the nudity department. That shower scene looks mighty the same time, prepare to be disappointed.

Boobs in THE RED ROAD (Sundance Channel) is remote but keep an eye out for hottie Allie Gonino.

PS. The next three months is a busy period for me as well. The first few months are always hectic at work. Some heavy renovation in my abode in January. All adds up to slow and very late blog updates on my part.


First of all: Happy New Year, Roger! Let 2014 be full of wonderful nude scenes and filled with lots of nudecomers particularly unexpected ones, because they are the best!

Margot Robbie nude tease are fantastic. I can't believe someone could say her breasts are fake. I truly can't wait to see the movie next Thursday. Oh, what would I give to see Yvonne Strahovski in that kind of role. She certainly wouldn't have refused if Marty called her and offered the role.

About Alex DD. It would be great if even some caps were leaked but I doubt it. I don't think there been anything leaked from HBO shows ever (I could be wrong). 
It's more of a Showtime and Starz style. But never mind, only 19 more days and we all be floating in nudity heaven. I'm not a fan of big breasts like Alex's (I prefer those that fits in your hand) but I'll be damned if I can't wait for this "Release The Krakens!" scene. Butt and brief no-merkin full frontal is just a crowning achievement waiting for her bombs! 

Sadly, I think the chances of Lili's naked scene have decreased. According to IMDB previous episode cast list, she's supposed to be in Ep 2 and 4 and 6. Ep 1 to 4 have nudity but she doesn't do any in Ep 2. But now she's listed for Ep 2 and 5 and 6. Ep 5 so far have no nudity listed.
UPDATED 01/03/2014

About Lili and Banshee. There's Nudity in Banshee [S2] Episode 5,6 and 7. But for now, without strong sexual content, but I think that may change yet. So far only Ep 8 have no nudity listed. 
Since there is nothing from her in first 5 episodes, I think her only nude scene(s) is in two very last episodes. Why? In Season 1, she was naked in Ep 2 and 5 and 8. Ep 2 and 5 were directed by woman SJ Clarkson who doesn't direct any Episodes in this upcoming season. Ep 8 was directed by Greg and since he directed the first two and last two episodes of season 2, we can be hopeful there would be nudity. I'm willing to take even just one non-sexual scene but let it be great one! The perfect resolution would be back-to-back scene at the end of Ep 9 and beginning of Ep 10 like Ivana had in S1 [Ep 7 and 8]. I think the biggest problem with lack of nudity in first half of season from Lili could be that she has no one to shag. I know I wrote a lot on this topic but you know it's important to me ; ) And I only hope Greg will not make us wait for it till season 3 like we had to with Emilia Clarke in GOT.

About Banshee and Trieste. I think in first Ep we will get her masturbation scene and sex scene between Hood and Odette. They surely want to return with a bang in both action and nudity so I think this will be a great opener. Trieste sex scene I think will be later in the season. But of course I could be wrong. But according to spoilertv admin, there is lots of sex and nudity: 

And one more thing about Banshee. This Marisela Zumbado looks very nice and promising. Hope she will have some surprise for us : )

Adam, thank you for the Banshee and Lili prediction. If it's going to be only one T-and-A segment this season featuring Lili, let it be a glorious full-frontal. 

"Release The Krakens" : )

I'm not privy to the list of actresses who auditioned for the role of Naomi once Blake Lively backed out but don't be surprised if Yvonne was considered early on.

If it's possible and at your convenience, Adam I would very much like to read your own detailed nudity review of Wolf Street.

I believe Marisela is the sister of murder victim Lana Cleary's (Amber Midthunder). Marisela started tweeting after her appearance in Banshee.


  1. Who are the two in the Gif at the top of this post?


  2. Roger, what are the chances of screencaps from the Alex DD scenes being leaked in the next few days?

    I would seriously have mixed feelings about seeing them before January 19. I can't wait to see Alex reveal her magnificent breasts yet I want to experience the excitement of watching True Detective and seeing the full scene in HD.

    1. Me too. I prefer to wait few more weeks to view Alex in HD.
      Recapped obviously saw the HD version. It appears the full-frontal segment is much clearer than in the screener copy.

      It should been leaked via third party by now but no one dares to make the first move (referring to reviewers and agency? folks).

    2. So does anyone know if Alexandra Daddario is wearing a bra when she lifts up her shirt and then takes it off? or no bra at all?

  3. So Alex isn't wearing a merkin? Will we see some lips perhaps?

    1. No, dude. Real bush. Same color as her hair. The FF scene is quite brief as mentioned earlier by MK.

    2. Didn't he also mention a second, slightly longer full frontal scene?

    3. Yeah...we get a brief glimpse of her bush when she gets off Woody according to MK.

  4. When will be filtered caps/clips from Alexandra Daddario?

  5. Don't care about Lili Simmons, didn't we already see her naked in Season 1 already? Plus they're small

    All I want to see are Alexandra Daddario's HUGE perfect natural ( o Y o )

  6. It's so surprising for some reason. Doing full frontal nudity in a small role, just when she starting to get pretty well known.

    She sort of seemed like Mary Elizabeth Winstead/Elisha Cuthbert. Hot, kind of popular/culty actresses who never get nude.

    1. Indeed. That's why I'm been harping on and on the need for special TD interview with Alex by any media outlet. I want to know if she went to the audition (back in December 2012?) on her own after briefly informing her agent earlier or was she urged to do so by her rep who felt it was time for Alex to do something edgy. To see how she fares against top notch talents. I always leaned towards the former because agent these days are more concerned with mollycoddling their clients rather than help them grow as an actor. With large pool of talents from around the world thronging L.A, the agents has more options but in process loses that personal connection with their client. They're unable to develop a relationship beyond the initial needs and wants of the particular actor.

      If their client is successful in certain genre or excels in certain roles, they will do their best to make sure the product (client) stays in that particular field until it wasn't financially viable anymore. The best example I can give is of Britt Robertson. She wants to do something edgy for some time now but her rep(s) keep pulling her back into the same typecast teenie roles, persuading and convincing her she still can pull it off despite touching distance of mid-20. So it was remarkable she was more than eager to play the troubled protagonist in Undiscovered Gyrl only for her agent to step in and made sure Britt has the final word on nudity and couple of tame sex scenes.

      I believe it was similar in case of Alex who probably thought 'F*ck it, I'm 26 and I won't get another opportunity to work with the likes of Woody and Matthew'.

      Alex is far more popular right now than MEW and semi-retired Elisha Cuthbert. As I opinionated few times, has nothing to do with her body of work but her body itself : )

      MEW is a terrific actress yet torpedoed her own career for many years by out of place conservatism and lack of assertiveness unless she wants some changes in the script. Smashed provided the avenue for MEW to showcase her talent. The period between 2006 to 2008 was MEW best chance to grab by the horn her burgeoning career. Instead she is wasted in role of Lee when she could have played the meatier roles of Kim or
      Zoe in Death Proof (MEW and Nude Performer of 2013 Rosario Dawson are quite close to this day). She could have straddled both edgy and more accessible genre the way another brunette Angelina Jolie did so well.

      I never can pin-point if it was 24 or her lead role in The Girl Next Door that thrust Elisha into the limelight? I'm not a fan of 24. I started looking at Elisha in a new light due to TGND (loosely 'inspired' by Brian De Palma Body Double). As it's with Alex, not for her wide-eyed acting style : )